Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Starter for 10

In the midst of all the Spirit-nominated movies, IFP had another screening tonight that I just had to see. It's about a kid whose dream is to be on University Challenge, the British equivalent of College Bowl. The title refers to the "starter" question for 10 points. So you can see how this was up my alley.

The movie was good, and the actors playing 3/4 of the college bowl team plus the hero's love interest did a Q&A afterward. Neat. One actor said his next project was with Rufus Sewell who was in fact standing in the back, and the entire room swiveled their heads to see him (Mmmmm!)

In the discussion, they made a big deal how they created the atmosphere of the '80s when the movie takes place, but I didn't even notice it wasn't present-day until a character said it was 1985.

Of course, part of the fun was answering the trivia questions shown onscreen. And there was a running joke about one character's parents not getting classic movie quotes.

Opening in limited release beginning 2/23.

NPL-related tidbit: Ditto's daughter is in the credits. Why is left as an exercise to the reader.

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