Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

One great movie and some other stuff

I saw a fantastic movie tonight, the best thing I've seen lately besides a certain documentary.

That movie is "The Lives of Others" ("Das Leben der Anderen" in German). It's up for a Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film. Further research shows it's won several awards and is nominated for an Oscar. And it's opening in limited release February 9.

I was sitting behind a tall person who blocked part of my view of the subtitles. At first I was going to move up to the front, but I soon got immersed in the story and forgot all about moving. The movie is about East Germany just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, about the Stasi's intrusion into the lives of actors and writers, about fear, loyalty, betrayal, secrets, and humanity. Don't miss it.

Next, I saw "Quinceanera." I had a ticket for this last year at Sundance, but ended up going out to Sundance itself that day. The movie won a bunch of prizes, so I was glad to finally see it. It was good, an authentic-seeming slice of life in Latino LA. But completely overshadowed by the German film, which I'm still thinking about.

Will and Merl were on Oprah today. Their segment was OK, but I was distracted by the unnecessary capitalization of clue words. After showing a clip where Merl says standard puzzles don't use 2-letter words, we then see the Oprah puzzle that includes 2-letter words. The costume-changing dancers who led off the show were amazing.

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