Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My weekend

I churned out three jobs last week so I could leave town with a clean slate. I was headed not for the Mystery Hunt like everybody else (actually, I've never done it), but to Miami for my younger nephew Jeffrey's bar mitzvah.

I was taking the 7:30 a.m. bus from Port Authority to Newark to make a 9:15 flight Friday. Since my schedule was askew and I'd slept during the day Thursday, I didn't sleep at all at night. The radio on the bus played Funkadelic, putting me in an upbeat mood. I had left my lens fluid in Miami to avoid them confiscating it like last time. Arriving in Miami, I took a Super Shuttle and got to my sister's in time to go out to lunch at a bagel place. Then services and dinner at a restaurant for close friends and out-of-town guests. My cousin Robert and his family represented the Montreal contingent, and he had a new audience for his stories of his less-than-upstanding youth.

I slept as much as possible the next day, eating only cereal since I knew there would be a lot of food later. I didn't know if I would fit into the gown I wore at older nephew Joel's bar mitzvah in May 2004 (and would have worn to the Oscars), but the zipper finally closed after a change of underwear.

We arrived at temple early for picture-taking, and the place soon filled up with guests. Jeffrey did great (though I wouldn't have noticed if he screwed up the Hebrew), and we adjourned to the terrace for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. I tried not to fill up as there was still dinner ahead, and that dress was tight. Then dinner and dancing. Lots of dancing. I didn't need the motivators to motivate me, and managed to move despite the dress. One of the songs used in Jeffy's video montage was "Saturday Morning" and there was a picture of us from the premiere.

Since I'll never stop talking about the movie, I'll add that my sister's friend's husband told me he very grudgingly sat down to watch the video and was amazed how much he loved it. A cousin-in-law is a film company exec and Academy member, but not in the Documentary Branch so he was not responsible for the short list snub.

My sister had a brunch at her house the next day, and there was more food and fun. My brother-in-law's college-age cousins wanted to see the DVD but lost interest after we watched about 10 minutes, and said they'd get it on Netflix. Sigh, everyone should be riveted immediately. When the party cleared out, we showed my mother some of the extras. On Monday I had another early shuttle to the airport, and then home again, jiggety jig.

Spirit Awards nominees seen:

"A Prairie Home Companion" - Directed by Robert Altman, this movie was in some ways like "Nashville," which I loved even though I don't like country music. But it was also like its namesake radio show, which I can't stand.

"Road to Guantanamo" - This is up for Best Documentary. All through the movie, during harrowing scenes of prison camps and interrogations, I thought, "How in the world did they get this shot?" By reenacting the events, that's how, I learned later. DUH. I don't consider that a documentary, but a docudrama, based on true events. That's one nomination slot that could have been filled by "Wordplay."

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