Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Emerging from the cocoon

I hadn't been out since Wednesday. I had errands to run and would have liked to experience the 70 degrees in January weather, but I was either lazy or my lip was grotesquely swollen from allergies (this comes and goes for no apparent reason).

I was back to normal today and really really needed to run those errands, so I did: returned library book, mailed out 2 books, got stamps so I can send out at-home puzzles, drugstore, groceries. Oops, didn't go to the bank.

I did some work, but need to do more. The night is young.

I watched "Friends With Money," which I'd wanted to see at Sundance but couldn't schedule. I enjoyed it, but felt it was too short or ended abruptly. I then listened to the commentary and that's a common thought. The director said, at least people aren't thinking the other extreme, "Boy, I'm glad THAT's over!" The main false note for me was that Jennifer Aniston's character went from teaching to being a maid; no other jobs were available?

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