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Yesterday 3 Spirit awards DVDs arrived from Netflix, so instead of watching these time-sensitive entries that should be returned as soon as possible so others can have them, I watched 2 existing DVDs which have been sitting around since 2003 and 2004. Hey, at least I'm finally moving along that queue. They were:

"American Pie 2": I saw the original, so am not sure why I wanted to see this dumb, gross and cartoonish sequel. At least "American Wedding" is not in the queue.

"Judy Berlin": black-and-white film about Long Islanders on the day of a solar eclipse, with Edie Falco in the title role. Not much happened, and the people didn't seem quite real. Julie Kavner and Anne Meara were wasted in bit parts.

The sound seemed low or fading in and out, and I wondered if I'm doing something wrong with the rarely-used DVD player. I then put in "Wordplay" (and, uh, watched the whole thing AND some extras - it must be more than 20 times by now), which sounded fine.

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