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Young En's Lazy Summer Days (she does crosswords!)

Sunday, August 10, 1969

I had stayed up past 3 a.m. last night listening to records and doing crosswords, so my day began late. I vowed to finally get out of bed at 1 p.m. but heard Mommy yelling at Linda [sister] for not cleaning the kitchen, so stayed in bed rather than be saddled with the job. Coming downstairs later on, I found the pots in the sink waiting for me, soaking in Joy.

I was called downstairs again later, much to my annoyance, to help clean up after a leak in the sprayer thing flooded the area under the kitchen sink. We had to remove all the bottles and things underneath, and dry them. Then we put them in cartons. Papa [my grandfather] came over to help.

We had fantastic Greek food for dinner. They gave us an extra set of appetizers, so I had another spinach pie and Daddy took a second cheese pie. Will I ever be thin enough to order pastitso or even moussaka without qualms?

Most of the night I did the usual - listened to records and worked on crosswords.

Monday, August 11, 1969

I weigh myself at different times of day, and too often. The gain from yesterday's 110 to today's 112 is disheartening [112? I wish!]. The Greek food undoubtedly didn't help.

I was to go to Nana's house for dinner at 6. Mommy and Linda would eat after Weight Watchers and Daddy was taking Dr. M [visiting from Israel] out to dinner in the city (they ended up going to Lundy's).

When I started out for Nana's [6 blocks away], it was almost 6, but the day was pleasant and it didn't take very long to get there. Nana was past the end of her driveway, watching for me. Papa was hidden from view in a chaise lounge on the front porch. We ate immediately. Cantaloupe first, then chicken fricassee. Vanilla pudding of great texture finished the meal. I had 2 of them. [Nana later told me she put an egg in it - I hate eggs!]. We talked about our married cousins and their prospects for having kids [they did], and various surprise parties. Nana told me she had known about one for her; I was the first person she ever told.

After Nana did the dishes (she wouldn't let me work), we all sat out on the front porch and watched the man across the street, who does TV commercials, mow the lawn. At about 7:45, I expressed my desire to leave, and Nana insisted she drive me home. She came in with me, to check if everything was OK, offered to stay, and left when I indignantly refused.

I wandered around the house. In spite of my protests, it really WAS scary. Every noise brought me anxiously to the window. As I lay on my bed, fears diminished. The phone rang twice, but it was Nana or Papa checking after me both times. I guess I would have been scared if they hadn't called, but I acted properly annoyed.

Daddy came home near 10 and called Aunt Miriam [in Montreal] to see if Doreen [my cousin, who died of breast cancer at age 45] could come later this month. Doreen answered, and Daddy handed me the phone. I told her about Driver Ed., said I hoped she could come, and talked about the letters we'd written. Linda once cut the crazy stationery with black circles into a puzzle and Doreen was so annoyed she almost didn't bother putting it together. In response to her comment that she would die of surprise if we wrote, I wrote 4 letters to her, dated successively, all on different stationery. Linda did the same. The letters were insane, to say the least.
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