Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Oh Baby

You know the DVD extra where I look out of place walking in the park among little kids, while talking about how I can't imagine having one? That's how I felt reading Jennifer Weiner's "Little Earthquakes," about mothers with young babies. I've read 2 of her other books and even saw her speak at a B&N, but this book was hard to relate to. It was OK, but I'll be passing it on. I kept "Good in Bed" and "In Her Shoes."

The book is about 3 new mothers who meet in a prenatal yoga class, and one woman who has recently lost a child. What bothered me about the plot was that the women apparently have no other friends. This made it easier to keep track of the characters, but that just seemed strange (one did have sisters, and another had a business partner).

I weighed myself and was horrified at the number. To make it worse, the display did not fade and the number just sat there. Shaking and hitting the scale didn't help, and I finally had to remove and then reinsert the battery to get it to reset. Of course, I then took off my skirt and weighed myself again, and was relieved to magically lose 5 pounds (though the number is still not good). One of the few things I like about Miami is my mother's miraculous scale that has to be about 10 pounds underweight. Everyone who goes on it gasps, "I LOVE this scale!"

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