Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

If I were making resolutions...

I'm not big on making New Year's resolutions, but one resolution crying out to be made is to make better use of my Netflix membership. The 3 movies I have out have been sitting here for 1-3 years. Most expensive movies ever! Maybe I can kick things off with a New Year's DVD-watching marathon.

I had joined a movie organization that entitles me to be a Spirit Awards voter. Screenings of nominated films are held in NY (and LA), but we're also given temporary Netflix memberships in order to view movies.

I opted to take a second membership under another e-mail address, rather than disturb my existing queue. However, I didn't see the space to put the special offer code and got as far as registering my credit card when I realized it was supposed to be free and backed off. I then found the blank and entered the offer code, but it wanted me to finish the application with the credit card, so I did the special offer under a third e-mail (which immediately sets up a queue of Spirit-nominated movies).

A call to Netflix verified the free temporary membership had gone through, and my credit card was not charged for the membership I didn't complete. I can't use that second address again for Netflix, but that's no big deal.

The only nominee I've already seen is "Little Miss Sunshine," so I'll be watching 40 movies in the near future. Instant film festival!

Another resolution is to cook more from scratch. I like cooking, but I'm usually too lazy to do it. In order to fulfill requirements of a book club I joined almost a year ago, I needed to order some books, so the obvious choice was cookbooks. They had a buy one, get one free promotion, so I ordered 3 cookbooks (Weight Watchers, Cooking Light and South Beach Diet) and 3 novels (a Jackie Collins, Barnard-set "The Last of Her Kind" and "My Horizontal Life" - oh wait, that's supposed to be true). Anyway, 3 useful books and 3 just for fun (hey, they were FREE).

In addition, a Freecycler who lives 3 blocks away was offering free cookbooks, so how could I resist? It's a good thing it was so close because the bag of WW dessert, vegetable, soup, pasta, and Indian vegetarian cookbooks was heavy. She also included a collection of 4 Shakespeare tragedies which looks out of place on my mostly lowbrow shelves.

Besides acquiring books, I've made progress on reading them, most recently "Wake Up, I'm Fat!" by Camryn Manheim. I've never watched "The Practice" (and it doesn't appear to be on DVD), but saw her scene-stealing turn in the otherwise icky "Road to Wellville." Her writing is honest and funny, and I especially enjoyed the stories about dating and going to the Emmys.

I finished the crosswords (but not the other types of puzzles) in Michelle Arnot's "101 Crossword Puzzles for Dummies, Volume 1." LOTS of errors. The proofreading in the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Crosswords" is much better. :0

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