Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Happy movie and Chinese food day

I'm not having the traditional Jewish Christmas meal of Chinese food, but am making a cauliflower, carrot, penne and cheese casserole. And I'm not sure I'll see a movie, though there are plenty of choices around on tape and DVD.

I'm such a klutz. While putting a pie pan in the drying rack, I somehow knocked a plate to the ground, breaking it in pieces. No harm done, unlike the time I was washing a glass and it broke into my hand, sending me to the ER. And I forgot to mention that at the health food store a few days ago, I managed to knock over a large "Taste of Thai" display. They were still putting it back together when I left.

I read "Something Blue" by Ann Hood. This was well-written chick lit about 3 women making their way in New York (in 1991). I like when books take place on familiar turf.

James Brown, sigh.

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