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Holiday doings

I haven't updated in so long the update form is slightly different. Let's hope it works.

This busy holiday season continues. Well, sort of busy.

Last Monday, I was supposed to see the movie "Venus" at a screening room. I wrote the address on a Post-it, stuck it on my front door so I'd see it when leaving, and then forgot to bring the Post-it. But no prob, I knew I had to get off the subway at 50th St. and the address was 1690 Broadway. Only this building didn't exist. I walked down Broadway, wondering if it was in the Paramount Building, but 1633 didn't seem familiar. Unfortunately, I didn't walk further south to the real location, 1619 Broadway. I discovered this after I gave up and went home. I e-mailed IFP (whose screening this was) and apologized for the no-show which was entirely my fault. They had another screening Wednesday for the movie "Perfume" but I thought it best to stay away for a while.

Also on Wednesday, my theater club was offering discount tickets to a classical concert. I didn't reserve this either. Wednesday was Will and Merl's Oprah taping and in the back of my mind, I wanted to keep the date free. Not that there turned out to be any reason. Tyler was THERE and they didn't scoop him out of the audience. But hey, you never know.

So after not going to movies or concerts Monday and Wednesday, I did have plans for Friday. My cousin Judy (and boyfriend Shell) were visiting from Montreal. Judy had not been here since she was a tot in 1969. An excellent skater who didn't quite take the Olympic route (but had friends who did), Judy always wanted to skate at Rockefeller Center, so I arranged to meet her there. I didn't see her on the ice, and waited outside our meeting place of 30 Rock. While there, a tourist recognized me and took my picture. I was also recently recognized on the NYT elevator (does that count?) and subway.

The plaza bustled with people, but still no Judy. I had a slip of paper with Shell's cell phone number, but left it at home. I really need to bring all possibly useful slips of paper. Judy finally emerged from the building; she thought we were meeting inside the lobby while I was outside the whole time. There was too long a wait for skating, so they walked around the area instead. We went to a random lunch/deli place. They decided to buy the "Wordplay" DVD (they hadn't realized it was an actual movie), and we headed toward Virgin in Times Square. First, I showed them the impressive lobby and elevators at the Marriott Marquis.

Virgin had the DVD in the documentary section. Shell's aunt's apartment where they were staying had no DVD player or computer, though, so we went to the Times to watch it on Will's computer. To be sure not to disturb anyone, we had the sound very low and turned on the captions. We got as far as my segment, and then they left to get to another store before it closed. Nice visit, and not the usual tourist haunts (they later saw "Avenue Q," the bodies exhibit, and other more mainstream fare).

Saturday was a party in Princeton. I was getting a ride in the same car that 2 years ago had an unfortunate wet back seat, which we were assured had been fixed. I sat in the front. At the party, I was surprised to see Btnirn, who now has a family and lives around the corner from the hostess. It was mostly non-puzzlers including lots of kids, which is good once in a while (SOME people have regular lives). We still managed to play some games - Outburst and Stage II.

Monday was a reading of Hex's play "Trapezium." I was scared the Tristan/Iseult theme and ancient setting would be beyond me (I'm not good with literary parodies since invariably I'm not familiar with the original literature), but the play was clever, funny, and filled with wordplay touches. Considering it was just a reading, the actors were quite good.

Afterward, we hung out at Hex's hotel, the Affinia. This was formerly the Southgate, whose hotel ballroom was the scene of the long-ago gift-wrapping party. Henry's old friend brought some of his friends, one of whom had seen the movie. Another is a young writer for the NYT (he forgot his sweater there, and I could have left it at his desk, but he came back to get it), and another is starting a magazine called "Obit," aimed at aging baby boomers (do we need to be reminded of this?).

Critics awards and top 10 lists keep coming in. Nada. Well, one thing, a Best Documentary nomination from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. This Critics Choice Award will be presented January 12. We were up for a Satellite Award for Best Documentary DVD, but "Inconvenient Truth" got it (I'm still amazed that this is winning such universal acclaim). [UPDATE: "Wordplay" is one of 5 nominees for Best Doc by the Chicago Film Critics.]

My cousin in Canada is very ill. When the phone just rang, I was so glad it wasn't someone with bad news that I pledged a donation to the Barnard fund.

I just did laundry, and noticed there was still sudsy water at the end of the wash cycle. The recent re-emergence of hives could be due to detergent, so I ran everything through again (and vowed to use less next time). My card also could not be read, forcing me to buy a new one at an additional $4. New cards require a $10 bill, which luckily I just got from the grocery store.

Books finished:

"Film in the Blanks Crosswords" by Henry Hook: Movie-oriented puzzles, each with a quote determined by the letters in the puzzle. Fun, though I could see some of these quotes coming.

"Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey Into the Secret World of Figure Skating" by Christine Brennan: What it says. This was as of 1996, which is even better since I was probably following skating more closely then. She has a more recent book, which is on my "to read" list. Reserving for Tyger.

"The A-List" by Zoey Dean: I didn't realize this was the first of a young adult series of A-List novels, set in privileged Beverly Hills. The themes and writing seemed pretty adult. I put the rest of the series on my list.

"The Men I Didn't Marry" by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger: After dropping her youngest child at college, suburban woman looks forward to empty nest, only to have her husband run off with his personal trainer Ashlee with 2 e's. She decides to look up all her exes, who (only in the world of novels) include a billionaire workaholic, New Age guru, tropical diver, and southern politician. She ends up with who I thought she would end up with.

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