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You know that dream where you need to go to the bathroom, and every place you try has something wrong with it, and you wake up and really do have to go to the bathroom? My day was sort of like that, except not with the bathroom.

The documentary filmmakers called yesterday and asked for memorabilia. I put together some items to be FedExed: my "Jeopardy!" tape, young-looking 1984 photos with me and Will, Mel and Peggy Rosen's NYT puzzle of 4/9/01 with ELLEN RIP STEIN across the top, and original newspaper articles.

I had a busy day planned for today and each element was delicately choreographed to blend seamlessly together. Right! First stop, the FedEx at 6th Ave. between 42-43 was GONE (construction is being done on the building), so I couldn't send the package.

I went to the NYT and test-solved Sunday's puzzles (dailies will be ready tomorrow), stayed there and did the last bit of the first pass on a Random House book, dropped that off at RH and picked up the book I'm project editor for. Then I tried the FedEx at 58th and 8th Ave. GONE! (the storefront was empty)

I got on the 104 bus to try the FedEx at Broadway and 79th, which has a fringe benefit of being a block away from H&H Bagels. As the bus circled Columbus Circle, I saw FedEx signs in the window of Kinko's, so that's where the 58th St. store must be now. Too late; I was already headed uptown.

Miraculously, the 79th St. FedEx was open, but all the usual supplies were GONE! There were no small FedEx boxes, only unassembled brown cardboard ones. After failing twice to put the smallest of those together (the tape they gave me kept sticking to itself), the guy took pity and emerged from the back with a normal small FedEx box. That's on its way to LA.

Now it was time for a delicious, hot H&H bagel as is my tradition when going to that FedEx. As I approached, police officers were putting yellow Police Line tapes along the sidewalk, blocking the store entrance. Several police cars stood in front. I did not stay to find out what happened, and crossed the street to get out of there. [The local news outlets say nothing about bagel-related crimes, so I still don't know what happened.]

I ended up walking the rest of the way home. Deprived of my bagel, I went to Tasti-D-Lite which no longer has Buy 1 Get 1 Free, but Buy 2 Get 1 Free, and no more punch cards to get credits for 1 free after 10 purchases. So I got 6 pints (2 free), 3 of which are already GONE! But in a good way.

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