Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

There Goes the Neighborhood

A 29-story luxury high-rise is about to go up across the street, and two additional towers with million-dollar condos are being built nearby. This has caused the closing of several stores, including 2 supermarkets and a discount store, and neighborhood groups are upset.

So far, I don't see the problem. While we're short on stores now and the demolished stretch is creepy at night, a multilevel shopping mall is part of the proposed development, including a (rumored) Whole Foods! This sounds much better than what was there before. How is that bad?

The new building will block some views and cast a shadow. These are legitimate concerns, but I'm not personally affected as I already have no view. I don't hear construction noise (yet).

The community group says: WHAT WE DON'T WANT: A 30-story spike in the heart of our community, and unneeded luxury housing and luxury shopping severing our neighborhood.

Oh my god, RICH PEOPLE polluting the neighborhood! This area is very mixed. An influx of yuppies will just add to the mix.

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