Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

One last "Wordplay" appearance

Several months ago, I was invited to a "Wordplay" screening at a documentary series on Long Island in October. This seemed really far in advance, but the day finally came last Monday.

The weekend before, I was feeling off and found I had 100 degree fever. Too bad, the show must go on. On Monday afternoon, I took the LIRR to Port Jefferson, switching at Huntington. The second train was a double decker. I hadn't seen one since the early 60s. This was the new version, and it was fun to ride on top. As we passed Stony Brook, I realized that was the farthest out I'd previously been on Long Island (I've never come anywhere near a Hampton), and I would now be breaking that record.

The film series organizer met me at the station; she recognized me from the movie. It turned out she grew up in Great Neck, graduating North 3 years ahead of me. I knew people on her street. Suzie from high school is convinced "Great Neck is the nexus of everything" and this constantly gets proved to be true.

We went to Pace's Steak House for dinner with other committee members (all women around my age), and then to the theater. The Village Theater is an old restored space usually used for stage productions, and the projector was a computer in the middle of the aisle. I had not seen the whole movie since June 30 in Miami, so it was fun to watch it for the 15th full time. The audience reacted enthusiastically in all the right places.

The only sour note was that as soon as the credits started, the projectionist turned off the sound, depriving the viewers of the closing songs. They introduced me and with the credits still silently rolling behind me, I pointed out that the music we weren't hearing was really good. The Q&A proceeded well, including a comment from a woman who said her sister participated in the NYT crossword forum (she later posted about this event).

The old theater had a strange ladies' room in the basement, with a thick rubber mat with holes on the floor. My heels kept getting stuck in the holes, but I was finally able to leave. Back upstairs, they told me a woman was driving to Manhattan to stay at her pied-a-terre (on her way to visit family in Westchester the next day), and would drive me back. I would have been happy to get some reading done on the train, but this was good, too. When we got to the city, I was dropped off on the East Side since my driver wanted to get her doorman's parking space that he was about to vacate, and took a cab the short remaining distance. Nice people, and nice evening.

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