Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Upper West Side Sunday

I'm listening to the puzzle segment on NPR, and next week's challenge is:

Name a famous American singer, one who's living. Six letters in the first name, six letters in the last. Write out this name from left to right. Cross out six consecutive letters from inside the name, leaving the start and end intact. The result will be the six-letter last name of a U.S. president. Name the singer and the president.

Let's see... Reagan, [other 6-letter president]. Regina what's-her-name? No wait, it's Spektor, and Regina doesn't work anyway. [Split second later] Ooh, I got it!

It's rare I get the challenge quickly, and sometimes don't get it at all (like NIXON, NIX/NO from last week. Not that I thought about it after the show ended). One time when I got it quickly, I shared my joy with a puzzler who happened to be online, who was not impressed: "Shall I alert the media?"

In this era where anyone with a computer and a blog IS the media, I can say, "Yay, me."

It's fund-raising time, so I turned off the radio after the puzzle segment. Through the wall I could still hear the show from a neighbor. Yay, Upper West Side.

Someone on Freecycle is offering 2 shopping bags full of books. Already have too many books. Must resist. But they're free! No, be strong.

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