Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Scrubbing Saturday

I finally finished that last killer cross sums puzzle (it took 2 hours!) and can get that job out to the post office. I have another cross sums job, the one with the tight deadline. Since it's test-solving and doesn't require references, I'll be able to do it anywhere. I also need to finish a batch of LA Times this weekend.

"Nothing to Fall Back On" by Betsy Carter is due at the library today, so I finished it. It's by a New York magazine editor who had such terrible luck that one shrink recommended exorcism - and that was before her magazine went under and she faced serious health problems. I haven't worked at a magazine, but I know this world, so it was interesting. Coincidentally, a 1992 Working Woman magazine I was reading had an article by Carter on her outplacement experience.

I had to laugh at this excerpt, where she brings her then-fiance to Florida to meet her parents:

We stepped out of the plane.
"Do you smell mildew, you know, like damp towels?" Gary asked.
"Yup," I answered. "Home sweet home."
* * * *
EXACTLY my reaction every time I step out of the plane in Florida, the land where towels never dry. I will be having that reaction again soon.

I also finished Byron Walden's Sit & Solve Hard Commuter Crosswords. A nice little book of hard but certainly doable puzzles.

The Museum of Television and Radio is doing a documentary series. I was thinking of seeing costar Ken Burns last night (previewing his new WWII doc), but didn't. I recently joined that museum. I've been there exactly once, with my sister's family a few years ago, and found out later that my ABC ID could have gotten me in free. Never did take advantage of that.

I bought a contraption called Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner and ran it twice, with no apparent effect. They say tough jobs could take as long as 21 days. The reviews on epinions are mixed. We'll see what happens after a month.

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