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This morning I turned on Howard and it only took about 2 minutes to realize it's Master Tape Theatre again. His father couldn't be in his 60s, and it's not 12 years after Elvis's death. And who is this Janet Culver they're goofing on? (checking - in 1989, after drifting at sea for 2 weeks after a sailing accident, she survived by drinking her own urine).

In the they-don't-make-'em-like-they-used-to department: For years (20? 30?) I used the same flecked sea-green plastic toothpaste cup. It developed a vertical crack, but I just turned the crack toward the back so any water dripped back into the sink. Eventually, it wasn't usable and I had to throw it out. I had just received the Boston Film Festival swag of 4 plastic glasses so put those into service. Each one quickly cracked and had to be retired. The last one just broke, so those lasted 6 months. I tried a yellow china cup (dangerous, since it's breakable and I'm a klutz) but it didn't match the pink bathroom, so I just switched to a clear glass mug from Nestle with a map of the world.

I have some work coming with a tight deadline, so I'll have less time to read. I finished "Bergdorf Blondes," a frothy piffle of a book. The narrator "Moi," supposedly a Princeton graduate who supposedly has a writing job (though you see little evidence of intelligence or work), doesn't have a care in the world except designer clothes and a parade of upscale friends and lovers. Although the book mostly takes place in New York, author Plum Sykes reveals her background with Britishisms like "fancy" (like) and "goss" (gossip). The British slant and fashion-conscious moneyed viewpoint make the whole thing feel foreign.

I thought it would be a good idea to throw out the old NYT puzzles I stick in a pile next to the computer each week. Turns out they go back to April 2005. I now have 6 months worth, which is probably 5 months and 2 weeks too many. Multiply this and you get an idea of the clutter in here.

I checked the eye exam claim online, and it doesn't look good because they only paid the provider $15 and had Claim Type as HCFA, which is Medicare. I'm old, but not that old! I called and the person had no clue what HCFA meant (and she works in health insurance, for shame), and I have to call back next week.

Next week is so busy I don't even want to think about it.

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