Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Reading roundup

Recently finished:

1) "Anonymous Lawyer" by Jeremy Blachman
In my incessant Googling, I found this "Wordplay" review and had a bit of correspondence with the author. Now I've read the book, and really enjoyed this story of law firm life and office politics, in the form of blog entries and e-mails. It's nasty, funny, and just a bit over the top. Now I want to go back and read the (ongoing) Anonymous Lawyer blog that started the whole thing, as well as the Anonymous Law Firm site.

2) "Boy Meets Girl" by Meg Cabot
Also in non-narrative format (e-mails, IMs, memos), this adult book by the author of "The Princess Diaries" was a lot of fun. I've liked this kind of format since reading "Up the Down Staircase" in junior high. Kate works in human resources and deals with office politics, romance, and a zany cast of characters. It's better than I'm making it sound.

3) "The Accidental Virgin" by Valerie Frankel
Another good chick-lit, about a woman working for an Internet retailer who grows desperate for romance as she approaches a year since a breakup. Awkward situations, near-misses and hilarity ensue. Also better than it sounds.

4) "The Summer of the Sky-Blue Bikini" by Jill Ross Klevin
One of my eBay purchases last year was a box of 70's-80's teenage novels, including this one. I'm really too old for this sort of thing, and there's no nostalgic value since it's after my time. Two sisters and their single mom summer at a beach resort, Abby meets dreamy townie Guy, her friends don't like him... yawn, it wasn't that interesting but preteens might enjoy it.

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