Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Fun with customer service

Remember last year when my bank account almost went dormant? Me neither. So when Quicken was giving an error message on my savings account number not being valid (but checking worked just fine), I called the bank's customer service. They informed me that the error had to do with recent changes in their computer system, and had me edit some specs in Quicken. It still didn't work. In that case, I'd need to deactivate and then reactivate my account download on Quicken.

But while they had me on the phone, did I know the savings account was inactive? What, AGAIN? Apparently now this happens if you don't do anything for 10 months and I had last transferred the $5 to keep it active back in July, 2005. What a pain. So I requested a phone transfer of $5 to keep things active.

There was still the problem of getting the Quicken download to work. Activating the account itself didn't help. When I started following the instructions for deactivating and then reactivating, it looked like this could wipe out my records since 1991 (I have a back-up file, but still) and I was scared to hit OK. So the bank said I'd need to call Quicken and have THEM walk me through it. This was last weekend, and Quicken live people weren't available.

So on Monday, I called Quicken support (after checking the web site to make sure this wasn't covered). They claimed this was such a complex issue it would be subject to a tech service charge. OK, whatever. After taking my credit card info, all they did was tell me to hit the same OK I was scared to before, reregister (which meant I had to remember my user ID and password to access online banking), and try it again. It worked. Such is the price for being scared to hit OK.

Except the resulting download still didn't catch the interest paid on 9/18 (it did download the phone transaction of $5). If it misses the October interest, I'll have to call again. Or maybe I should just add the interest manually. Fun, fun, fun.

Then there's Amazon.com. I returned the book I already had, paying postage myself since the shipping label never arrived. I reported the $5.71 postage and a credit for this was applied to my account. They then received the book, and applied an additional credit... of $4.55. Huh? I realized that they'd subtracted the shipping credit from the $10.36 price of the book (and also were off by 10 cents), when it should have been in addition to the book refund. And they didn't reimburse me for the shipping charge for the original book.

I got on the phone to Amazon. We figured out what they still owe me, and I hope it will be resolved.

I can't wait to see what happens to my eye exam claim.

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