Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Catch a Fire

I've been leaving my apartment more than usual this week (and there's more to come). Friday was an IFP screening at Loew's 34th of the movie "Catch a Fire," about South Africa during apartheid. Apolitical factory foreman Patrick Chamusso gets caught up in events of the day, eventually ending up in prison for his activism. Based on a true story, the movie was scary, moving, violent, and evocative of the time and place.

Afterward, there was a Q&A with a panel of heavy hitters: director Phillip Noyce, producer and writer Robyn and Shawn Slovo (daughters of anti-apartheid activists), actors Tim Robbins (getting older, but still a tall drink of water) who played a government official, Derek Luke who played Patrick, Bonnie Henna who played Patrick's wife Precious, and the real Patrick Chamusso. We were excited to see all of them. Patrick, in New York for the first time, fielded most of the questions.

The screening was co-sponsored by WGA-East, but I didn't see any writers from ex-work. It was a large theater, so it's possible others I knew were there.

I've now seen 4 movies through IFP/Moving Image, making the membership worth the fee (and it'll get better as I attend more events). All had Q&A's except "Inconvenient Truth" which had a wine reception I didn't go to.

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