Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Hot in herre

I had been bad-mouthing our documentary competitor "An Inconvenient Truth" as sounding boring and too educational, and couldn't see how they've grossed $23+ million to our $3+ million. Today I put my money where my mouth is and saw the movie at Moving Image, where I'm a member through IFP.

It was my first time back at the museum since our ill-fated Q&A (or, I should say, MY ill-fated Q&A as Jon never got there in the downpour). It was also my first time going by subway and I was apprehensive even though I'd printed out a map.

I thought I allowed enough time, but the train was delayed by rush hour and a problem ahead of us. Emerging in Astoria after the 6 pm starting time, I started down Steinway Street in the wrong direction, but realized the mistake, and quickly walked the fairly short distance to the museum. The lobby was empty as the movie had already started. An usher guided me and another latecomer down the aisle with a flashlight, and I was still in time for the opening titles.

So how was the movie? Eh! I mean, the topic is important and I learned a few things, but as a piece of entertainment, not enthralling. It was interesting that no scientific studies disputed the fact of global warming, but half the media accounts expressed doubt. That's pretty scary, as were images of a flooded lower Manhattan and South Florida. Used to questioning assumptions after years of statistics and researching, I immediately wondered if the comparative pictures of glaciers then and now were taken during the same season, and if the scales on the graphs were manipulated to make the results more dramatic.

I still don't understand the huge discrepancy in box office between them and us. I was finally motivated to see it in a theater only by the need to use my IFP membership. My tastes are admittedly a little shallow, but most of the world is WAY more shallow. Who are these 2 million or so people (assuming $10/ticket) who were more motivated to see an Al Gore slide show about global warming than a bouncy, fun, documentary about crosswords? Are crosswords that intimidating?

There was a wine reception afterward (and before the next showing), but I felt shy and just headed back to the subway, feeling glad that I've never contributed to the car-dependent culture that is part of the problem.

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