Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

So bad it's funny

An official guide for Advertising Week 2006 was enclosed in a TV trade publication I get. Although I have no interest in this event, I can't throw anything out without at least glancing at it, so I took a quick look.

Lo and behold, the supplement had a crossword. Some advertisers pay good money for a professionally done puzzle, but this one didn't (although there is one "constructor" who posts online whose ability to get work astounds me; perhaps the puzzle was by that person). Anyway, here's the puzzle.

Where to begin? ReKnowned, looonggg dashes of varying lengths and spacing, "Puffy Combs, plural" for SEANS, Dino___ for SAUR, A NEO crossing A PEA (and A MET is in there, too), ALUL and ATAR, a random period after 36A, "Halloween's home" for OCT, and obscure acronym TMPG. And the company's name 4 times in the grid (though I guess that's OK in a self-promoting puzzle).

The tagline is, "Want work that's as smart as it is creative? As effective as it is innovative? Get a clue. Call Gyro."

Um, no thanks, I'll pass.

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