Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The days are surreal when you sleep through them. There's always a "Huh? Where am I?" feeling when I wake up, but today I felt better remembering I had been productive.

I finished 2 jobs, E-mailed one back and brought the other one to the Post Office first thing in the morning, along with 2 books to trade and my return Amazon package (their postpaid return label never arrived, and they told me to just mail back the Henry Hook book I already had, and they'd refund the shipping cost).

I also stopped at Duane Reade and two grocery stores (buying nothing, but you never know if they'll get in raspberry juice or a good flavor of frozen yogurt), and then went to sleep, waking up about 7 pm.

I finished Melissa Bank's "Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing." It's often compared to Bridget Jones (which I didn't like at all), but I found it a well-written cut above the usual chick lit (though - ick! - the characters smoked). The book is not a novel but 7 interconnected short stories. Two of them don't quite fit in, and a look at the 561 Amazon reader reviews shows I'm not the only one confused. I have her next book "The Wonder Spot" and I'm keeping this one in case I want to reread anything.

Here's an excerpt I laughed at:
I say that getting married isn't like winning the Miss America Pageant; it doesn't all come down to the bathing suit competition.
"What do you think it comes down to?" she says.
I say, "Baton twirling."

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