Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Gold moseying along

I've been playing AOL Gold Rush. Even this early in the game, there are times it isn't easy (I had to do that Concentration thing about 10 times) so I'm not optimistic. The site seems a little buggy. At one point, it made me replay a game I'd already done. Luckily it wasn't that Concentration thing.

Any number of people I know could have designed a really great game of this nature. But Mark Burnett doesn't know about us (to my knowledge).

I slept through the day again, thinking I missed today's Gold Rush challenge, but there isn't a new one until Monday. I'm too lazy to go out now and there's not much food in the house, so I did a Fresh Direct order for tomorrow.

To hold me over until then, I ordered Italian tonight. I considered calling Pinnacle to see if they deliver this far (very possible, since Ollie's does and they're a block further away), but went local instead. I ordered a small white pizza, and cheese manicotti, which should make 2 meals unless I'm really piggy. I was about to order spinach manicotti (healthier and more varied than all that cheese), but remembered that spinach is dubious right now. I did get a package of frozen spinach in the grocery order.

And I even have the correct change for both tips.

[Update: There is food left over.]

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