Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Exciting Times for Friends

Two friends (both in fact former co-workers at that TV show) have exciting things going on in their lives:

Cathy Riva is hosting "Party Girl," which premiered Saturday on the Discovery Home Channel. Cathy *is* the quintessential party girl and a very dynamic person, so this was perfect casting. It was great to see her do her thing on TV.


Doug Gordon, who profiled the preparations for his summer 2004 wedding in planetgordon.com, will be pulling it all together in a book. He says: "I'll be asking for your help from time to time. I'd like to include real-life stories from grooms about their experience with everything from addressing invitations and picking a band to dealing with sensitive and opinionated in-laws and relatives."

So Bookish Fellow, Tahnan, anyone else who also went through it recently, you might want to keep tabs on Doug's site.

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