Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

You get what you pay for

After extensive experimentation, I've concluded that the best toilet paper is Charmin 2-ply. I buy it in the biggest double-roll packages possible. With the demise of 2 nearby supermarkets due to building construction, I often just go to the small grocery store across the street. The last few weeks, they've only had Charmin 1-ply. They did have cheapo store brand 2-ply, so I bought a 12-roll pack of that, for half the price of Charmin.

When my family went on vacation to Europe, we were advised to bring toilet paper as the product abroad can resemble wax paper. Well, this store brand paper must have been for the European market, as it was a cross between sandpaper and looseleaf. After only a few days of use, I was starting to wonder if I was developing cystitis due to the pain and burning.

I always keep a spare roll in the back of the linen closet, so broke out that remaining Charmin lest I damage myself any further. The small grocery still doesn't have 2-ply, so I just ordered 2 Charmin 12-packs (as well as enough other items to get free postage) from drugstore.com.

After completely abandoning my walking program, I walked again today. I had to return a library book, so did that, picked up 2 more books (making my bag somewhat heavy), and headed over to Broadway. I felt like white pizza, but Sal and Carmine had none, so I continued north. Famiglia's white pizza is OK but I thought I might do better, so continued on until reaching Pinnacle at 115th, whose white pizza is rumored to be good. I got a slice and ate it there, and yes, it is good. Yummmm.

Crossed through the CU campus (I think I've been there more times in the last several weeks than in the last 10 years) to Amsterdam, then realized I needed to go back to Broadway so I could check the mailbox for at-homes. Went back along 113th, down Broadway, arriving at the mailbox place at 5:50 and finding they close 5:30 on Saturday. Darn! There were workers inside and they might have let me in just to grab mail from the box, but I didn't bother and will try again next week.

While out, I checked both nearby Gristedes for Minute Maid light raspberry passion, with no success. I had taken the last ones at 96th not long ago, but I thought they might have replenished. If they did, it wasn't that flavor.

Walking uptown, an Andrew Cuomo soundtruck had come blaring southward down Broadway, and back at 96th and Broadway was Andrew himself, looking chiseled and shaking hands. I thought of shaking Andrew's hand and asking if he'd seen "Wordplay" (since it's all about MEEEEE) but didn't, even though I passed by him twice, on the way in and out of Gristedes.

I got some Tasti D Lite and found that Strawberry Crunch has no discernible crunch. All the flavors are smooth so I should have known.

The 9/18 People (which I skimmed through before adding to the pile to be read in about 2 months) has an article on Meredith Vieira's new job at "Today" which NEVER mentions her hosting a certain game show. Strange. I haven't watched the new season, though I should at least check the credits.

Books finished:

"Secret Lives of Second Wives" by Catherine Todd: Much of the chick lit I read tends to be for a younger audience, or at least about younger characters. This book, on the contrary, was about people my age, opening with a 50th birthday party. The second wife in question lives in the Bay Area and deals with marriage, a legal career, stepchildren, the first wife, and an alluring mysterious client. Not bad.

"Maneater" by Gigi Levangie Grazer. This Hollywood novel is outrageous and over-the-top, and one plot twist made me wonder if it even all made sense. No matter. Fun, nasty and dishy. There were rumors of trouble in the author's marriage to producer Brian Grazer, and one of those rumors was our old friend Sundance swag hag Bai Ling - but the couple is said to have reconciled.

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