Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Name dropping

I just got an Amazon order, and know every single one of the authors.

First is Henry Hook's "Puzzler's Delight." Unfortunately, it's actually a compilation of 3 previous books, all of which I already have. Back it goes. Nowhere in the Amazon description does it say this (to be fair to Amazon, it doesn't say this on the Random House site, either), and I'm stuck paying return postage. I have complained. [Update: Amazon is sending a postpaid label for return. Luckily, I hadn't gone to the post office yet.]

Other puzzle books received are by Nucky, Francis, Byron, Trip, Patrick B., David LW, and Puzzability.

I also got Jerry Elmer's "Felon for Peace." Jerry was in my fifth grade class at Kensington, but went to the other high school. Some of my high school friends were in SPV (Students for Peace in Vietnam) with him, but I was a goody-goody nerd girl and didn't get involved in that hippie protest stuff. [Update: Omigod, he spends pages 6-9 on our fifth grade class and wonderful teacher, Miss Ely!]

Also in this shipment is Jennifer Hecht's "Funny."

NOT in this shipment but coming later is Ken Jennings' "Brainiac." He's going to be at B&N Union Square next week, so the book might not come in time to be signed.

Just what I needed - more books!

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