Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Saggy former starlets

Male journalists have a way of practically salivating when writing about certain actresses. You can almost see the drool on the page. Now it's Jessica Alba, but it used to be Tea Leoni, Teri Hatcher in her "Lois and Clark" days, Jamie Lee Curtis.

I couldn't understand what the fuss was about Jamie Lee, with her short short hair and long, horsey face. I asked a guy to explain this and he said it was her smoking hot body. I never noticed.

They're not salivating over Jamie Lee anymore. The 6/12 issue of Star Magazine has a feature on stars who have gained or lost weight. The 47-year-old Madonna is shown with a sleek, "uber-sculpted look." Next to her is an astoundingly bad photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, also 47. I can't find this picture online, but she looks like a rounder Judi Dench.

I wonder how Jessica Alba will fare in 25 years.

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