Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Reading update

"The Outsiders" (S.E. Hinton) came out when I was a teenager, and I finally got around to reading it. It's become a classic tale of small-town conflicts between greasers and socs. We called them hoods and poppies, but they didn't have rumbles and knife fights in Great Neck. The book was full of despair and violence, and I found it depressing. I didn't see the movie version (starring a Who's Who of Brat Packers), but did like the movie "Tex," based on another book by this author.

I also read "Chloe Does Yale," a novel about a sex columnist at Yale by Natalie Krinsky, who wrote a sex column at Yale. Like Amy Sohn's "Run Catch Kiss," the book showed how the columnist's real life can get complicated due to her writing about this stuff. Why are all these sex columnists young girls (other than Dr. Ruth and that Canadian lady Sue)? Maybe that's a dumb question.

Anyway, maybe it's sour grapes since I didn't get into Yale (undergrad, the first year they went coed; I got in to grad school there but didn't go), but I didn't like being at Yale, even through the pages of a book. Sorry, Zeke. I didn't like the place or the characters or the book very much. When I finished, I washed my hair and felt so much cleaner.

I'm also inching through the endless piles of magazines, but there's not much worth recounting here. I'm about to read a Ladies' Home Journal with the cover story, "Caroline Kennedy: How She's Coping with her Grief." Only this is from 1994 when Jackie had just died, and Caroline had not yet had the grief of her brother dying too. It's interesting to read these things with hindsight. I just did a New York magazine from May 2001 and had to keep it in context of "before 9/11."

When blog topics are scarce, I look to the mail. One scary-looking envelope was from the Treasurer's office at NYU. I had a dermatology lab bill from NYU last year that Cigna initially declined (neglecting to notice it was a legitimate referral by my dermatologist), so I thought maybe this was still unsettled. I could think of no other possible connection to NYU. But no, this was just a receipt for my donation to the Varadi Ovarian Initiative for Cancer Education. VOICE was set up by my cousin in honor of his girlfriend who is fighting this disease.

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