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It finally happened. "Wordplay" is gone from theaters, at least in New York. It was down to one showing a day at IFC, but no more.

I'm still Googling away, and found notice of an October showing at MIT, which listed Spelvin and Sax, but not alum Al Sanders. I informed Al of this, he informed them, and he's now listed. Patrick is hosting screenings at his alma mater, and there may be more college or special showings (I'm going to one on Long Island). But this is all second run.

The DVD is due November 7, with loads of wacky out-takes (Oops, watch out for that dropping baton! Trip reveals he also likes the letter U!). Actually, I don't know what's on the DVD, but it will be great to have it available to play endlessly and freeze-frame (look, there's Francis and he wasn't even there!). The teaser and my segment are on YouTube, with more to come. There will also be a MySpace. So I'll be yapping about this a bit more. OK, probably a lot more. Either this or laundry, take your pick.

I went to listen to music on Rhapsody and it told me an upgrade was available. So I upgraded. Silly me. I went to my "Wordplay" playlist (Cake, Eels, Shawn Colvin) and it wasn't there. Oh well, I had set it up recently. Then I noticed ALL my subscription (streamed) tracks were GONE. Oh great, this is like 2500 songs. The songs I own are still on my hard drive in iTunes, but what a pain to remember what I listed in my library for streaming.

Phone customer service was closed, but chat service was available. The tech at first told me just to re-import the songs from my hard drive (but these songs aren't ON my hard drive!) and then understood the problem. She told me to disable my firewalls and virus protection and uninstall and reinstall Rhapsody.

I held my breath - after an initial "network error," my old library was back! Feathermerchants, John Legend, Lisa Loeb, Laura Love and 2500 or so others. However, now my imported library (of CDs I own) was GONE! At least it was easy enough to re-import these from iTunes and now everything is there. I think.

I've been sleeping at weird daytime hours, and all day Thursday thought it was Friday. Today I was totally confused. It's a big holiday weekend, right? I have a fair amount of work, but I'll try to relax at least one day.

What happened to the summer? GONE!

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