Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Working life

Since I last sent out at-home puzzles 8/12, it's time to catch up (we promise a response within 5 weeks). I was going to do the at-homes at home (groan) yesterday, but that didn't happen.

Instead, I got asked to do a last-minute job. It was on PDF files, so I had to go to the Times to print. Even if I had a working printer, I would have had to print at the Times since the puzzles were teeny-tiny, unreadable and unwritable, and had to be blown up and printed on the 11x17 machine. This should be corrected for the actual release, unless they're marketing to munchkins with x-ray vision.

Today, it was back to the Times for the regular work. It was ready early, and I got there at a reasonable time, for once. The Sunday puzzles were done and released to the server by 3 pm. Everything went so smoothly that I'm scared something terrible will happen before I finish the last step at home. I was brought up with a depression mentality of "this could all go away any minute" which causes me to have innate pessimism and fear, instead of savoring and appreciating the times when things work out. [Update: the last step went OK, except for momentary panic when the Sunday puzzle that had loaded perfectly well at the Times would not load at home. A reveal of the format codes showed some garbage near the ACROSS heading, which was deleted to fix the problem.]

No walking yesterday in the rain, but today I walked from Times Square to Columbus Circle, then subway the rest of the way. I was tempted to stop at Whole Foods (still haven't been there) or the 57th St. Associated, but I have plenty of groceries at home.

Dinner was diet rice pudding, stuffed grape leaves (continuing in the rice theme), diet blondies, a packet of Buddig chicken, and raspberry drink. With eating habits like this, I was not meant to have a family (Joel and Jeffy, do not eat like Auntie En!). I still have not bought the cabbage for the cabbage soup recipe, and had to throw out the tomatoes. One day I will cook something normal.

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