Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Stars--They're Just Like US!

My weight is stuck at a high place, so I'm forcing myself to exercise. Walking is the only exercise I'm likely to do, so I headed uptown.

First stop, the Post Office, to mail out a book. There was a small crowd waiting near the entrance; "The Black Donnellys" was filming across the street and making people wait so they didn't get in the shot. Inside the PO, some NBC people asked a postal clerk to tell people not to look toward the cameras as they were entering and leaving. The clerk said she couldn't control where people might look. Uh, maybe they shouldn't film near a busy post office.

I continued uptown. I had restrained myself from stopping at the library near me (I have enough of a library to get through at home), but needed an air-conditioning break and went in the Columbia NYPL branch. I took out a Hollywood novel.

Continuing up Broadway, there were balloons at the campus gates to welcome the freshmen (excuse me, first-years), and tables for Citibank and Time-Warner Cable. I went as far as 120th St., crossed to the Barnard side where a few stray parents were standing with luggage, and went across College Walk to Amsterdam. The entire College/Engineering freshman class was under a tent on South Field listening to a speech (later research showed that Barnard freshmen were at their own convocation in the gym). It didn't seem too interesting so I walked on through.

It was hot and humid out and I arrived home hot and tired. I was sure I'd lost some weight but I actually gained half a pound since the morning. I don't think the scale is that accurate.

I rested a bit in my newly working air conditioning, and then went back out to Gristedes in search of Minute Maid light Raspberry Passion. They had it, and I bought the last 2 cartons. The small grocery across the street is a dollar cheaper, but they haven't had that flavor lately.

Tomorrow I expect to work on at-home grading. Oh, the exciting life of a movie star!

Books read:

"Pretty Babies," nonfiction about child stars, by Andrea Darvi who acted in the '60s. Though the book is from 1983, I doubt much has changed in the cutthroat world of Hollywood kids. "Showbiz Moms and Dads" (now THERE was a great show) in book form.

"None of Your Business" by Valerie Block, a sharp NYC crime novel that had me captivated from beginning to end. I randomly plucked this out of a box and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I considered keeping it, but realized I wouldn't want to read it again, so it's up for trade on Titletrader.com.

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