Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Of cabbages and things

Yesterday I did laundry. In the morning! I never do anything in the morning, and I hate doing laundry. That was very satisfying. Of course, I still haven't put the laundry away.

I had a Fresh Direct delivery yesterday afternoon, so that was satisfying, too. One slight problem. Since I hadn't made the cabbage salad for the NJ puzzle party, I decided I would use the cabbage to make soup instead, and ordered the other ingredients. Then I noticed the refrigerator smelled less than fresh. It was the cabbage, and I had to throw it out. So now I have the NON-cabbage ingredients for the soup, but no cabbage. I'll have to get some before the other things go bad.

I've stepped up my reading, with an additional magazine and another book all going at once. I finished one of the original mags, so there is movement. I need to read day and night to make any dent in the piles of backlog, but I'm hoping to spend less time doodling around on the computer. With the decline in "Wordplay" feedback, this is actually possible.

I had put a "Wordplay" postcard on a bulletin board on the floor where I work at the Times and noticed a few weeks later that this board was a memorial to a dead co-worker. Oops! I moved the card to another board that looked more all-purpose (baby pictures, etc.). The co-worker had died in 2003, so I hope no one noticed the intrusion. Last week, when I said goodbye to the guard, he asked if he should get my autograph. He hasn't seen the movie, but did see the trailer. The guards also commented to me after "60 Minutes" and other pieces, but Will says they never say a thing to him.

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