Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

New Addiction

One reason I don't drink, smoke, or take drugs (besides the fact that I think they're evil - "Ick, drinking!" I always say) is that I have a very addictive personality. I could be waking up face-down in an alley in no time. Trust me on this.

Developed over the last few weeks, my newest addiction is online trivia, specifically Cerebral Vortex http://www.mindfun.com/chat/cv/index.html, and its sister site Virtual Jeopardy http://www.mindfun.com/chat/cv/shareBoard.php.

Vortex is an automated ongoing trivia game (use the squares at the top for enumeration of the answer, 200 points wins, then a new game starts), with chat, populated by many people who post on the official Jeopardy! boards. From Vortex, I was recruited to play Virtual Jeopardy games, with people's homemade boards, in real time. Games are also arranged on the message board http://www.mindfun.com/chat/cv/messageBoard.php.

Lots of actual Jeopardy! champions play these games, and the quality of competition is high. If you watch Jeopardy!, you'll recognize several of the regulars from their appearances on the show. Everyone is really nice.

Since so many NPLers have written Jeopardy! boards, we could really contribute here, both in hosting and playing. The format is great. With the webmaster's permission, I might post something on NPL-folk [non-NPL but much more of interest than some random nude guy]. Or just let word-of-mouth do its thing.

{Update: permission received from Mike D.}

This stuff is worse than crack!

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