Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Hot in herre

Weather reporters tend to be alarmists, especially during the winter. They warn you not to go out into the massive blizzard unless it's absolutely necessary, and you go out anyway to a few harmless flurries and transportation running smoothly. Wimps.

Today, however, the 100+ heat index hype was true. I never use the air conditioner in the bedroom, as there's furniture in front of it, the cover that shields against winter drafts is on, and I don't think it's ever been cleaned out. The living room machine was cleaned last year, not that it did much good.

Today I needed all the help I could get, so on went the living room air conditioner. After washing my hair, I put on a nightgown and contacts (less hot than glasses) and sat right in front of the feeble breeze with a book. Almost like being on the beach but inside. The room doesn't really get cool (it's big and there's a large chair in front of the air conditioner), but it's better than nothing.

The air conditioner has been on all day. This defeats the purpose of saving energy when the system is overloaded, but hey it's hot. I did turn off the computer when it wasn't being used. The living room still isn't very cool, but the patch of rug between the chair and air conditioner isn't bad and could be slept on if necessary. I also have a sheet and pillow on the floor in front of the TV, but that's too far away to catch much breeze.

Just in case I was missing the San Antonio climate, it's right here in New York.

If it's unbearable tomorrow, I could always go to the Times or even a movie.

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