Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Con day 4 and beyond

There's not much to say about the end of con. I dressed and packed and managed to catch the end of breakfast, even though I got there after 10. I wondered if there was fruit, and then saw kabobs stuck into a pineapple sculpture.

As usual, I didn't get any awards (there were fewer books on the prize table than usual), though my name was mentioned for one of the pencil games and for being third in the Extravaganza. I signed a zillion programs for absent members. I think this has gotten out of hand. Some of these people have not exactly been con regulars.

I rode to the airport again with the Voks family, with Manx taking Wampahoofus's spot and GPS Vanessa again showing the way. After going through security, we found several Krewe in the snack area, many of whom were on my flight to Newark. None of the food appealed to me so I didn't eat. On the flight, I was next to elainetyger but was too tired to do much more than listen to music and half-heartedly make a dent in magazine reading. There was a surprisingly good spinach/cheese stromboli snack. Manx had arranged to join Pen Gwyn's car service ride, so jeffurrynpl and I took a bus back to Port Authority, and I then got a cab home. Jiggety jig.

From incredibly hot and humid San Antonio, I went to incredibly hot and humid NYC. I have air conditioning, but it's not very effective. I also don't really like the feel of air conditioning (in San Antonio, it was generally freezing). This too shall pass, and I'll be complaining about the cold winter weather.

I slept 12 hours today, from noon to midnight. Maybe now I'm caught up on sleep, and it's time to get moving on work.

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