Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Con day 3

Despite all that sleep, I still couldn't wake up for breakfast or the business meeting. I heard about the change in editorship, and then headed in to lunch. I would have liked to have the roll separately with butter, but didn't see any butter. Helene, Sluggo and I couldn't believe that Lucis has a 30-year-old daughter.

I always solve alone during the Saturday afternoon pencil games, and continued this despite a few people asking to co-solve. I did OK on End Game, but got stuck for a while assuming oriole instead of osprey. I still had two of rubrick's Triple Plays unsolved, and barely made a dent in the flat competition (18 or so out of 40). Will borrowed my laptop, and I got antsy worrying he wouldn't finish in time for me to freshen up for the picture.

It turned out I got to poolside early, and everyone soon gathered for the shot. It was hot and crowded. I don't see how anyone could live in this climate (as I sit writing this in 100+ degrees in New York - but it's only a few days instead of year-round). The picture was taken from a balcony, which turned out to be a great way to see everyone. I know this because we already have the final print.

The banquet included chicken-fried steak, which was good. saxikath was called away for Texas Jeopardy, but I was still on the waiting list (I wonder if I could have played the night before, when I wasn't around). Then it was time for the extravaganza. My team of Anomaly, Artistry and janglernpl was fun to work with, and we ended up third. I liked that the final quote required results from every team, and the ingenious touch of including the winning team's name by putting those letters in the packets of later finishers.

After-hours, I did GenCon puzzles by Wombat and Slik, solving with persona and someone else I'm forgetting. I watched Ladybug a while before joining the game, getting giggly when suggesting words I knew weren't right. I kept an eye on Xemu and Greg, hoping they'd do another Texas Jeopardy, but this was their time to play other people's games so I never had a chance; it sounded like a hoot. Heading back to the room dead-tired, I passed the room where Encore was going on, and played until it broke up at 4:30 a.m.

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