Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Con day 2

I know nothing about Texas history and have no strong feelings about the Alamo, but as long as I was in San Antonio I thought I should see it. Most people had already gone and said it didn't require a lot of time (fuldu described it with a consonantcy I'll leave to the reader).

I arranged to meet Roy at 11. In front of the hotel, Will told of taking a cab where the driver talked about movies. Will asked if he'd seen "Wordplay" and he gave a two-word review: "It sucked." Will decided not to introduce himself. We heard the movie was gone after only a week in San Antonio, but after getting home I still found it listed; either our information was wrong, or perhaps press coverage about the con brought it back.

We took a trolley to the nice but empty-looking downtown area, and walked to the Alamo, passing the Menger Hotel where the con almost was. A sign in front of the Alamo warned that no photos were allowed inside, and men should remove their hats (to show proper respect for the shrine). We wandered around inside and then out onto the grounds where the temperature was hot as a sauna. Back inside to air conditioning and a quick look at the exhibits.

We were meeting a large group at Texas Land & Cattle for lunch. We found the entrance to the Riverwalk (running into a bunch of Krewe coming up), and descended into... hell. Hot and humid, with a lot of butterflies. It was pretty, but uncomfortable. We chose the wrong direction and had to double back, but eventually found the place. A dozen others soon joined us, including jedusor (Hooligan) and Fork who had just arrived. I had chopped steak (people sometimes think I'm a vegetarian, but I ordered hamburgers almost exclusively my entire childhood), and heard how Hemlock met her husband, and Hooligan's college visiting plans. Sluggo and I didn't want to walk back so left to look for a cab. None were roaming the streets, and we headed in the direction of Market Square, never seeing one the whole way. Despite our earlier start, the rest of the group got back before us, but in that weather we really didn't want to rush.

thedan was running his Pop Culture Jeopardy, and we went to tablesaw's room to play. I didn't do well but it was fun to hear a reprise of the Sean Connery song lyrics category. Manx had constantly joked that no one should come to the panel where he was speaking on crosswords, and after the game we arrived just in time to miss his segment. I would have liked to hear him, but the rest was OK. I almost took the chair of a woman who needed to elevate her leg, and apologized later.

I don't remember what happened between the panel and dinner. Come to think of it, I don't remember much about dinner either (was I sitting near Coach? Sorry to anyone who was there; it's all a blur now). I wondered if other people wanted plain water instead of the iced tea that was set out. The night's games were 50/50 trivia part 2, answering the questions we composed the night before (I got 19 right). Then Sirhound flats. They dimmed the lights, making it impossible for me to see my paper so I had a hard time solving in my head. The sound was too loud, but thankfully someone complained and it was lowered a tad. The Hitchcock parodies were cute.

I wanted to play Al Desuda's game after-hours, but he couldn't get a critical mass with everyone at Dart's game. I then wandered around, seeing lots of people co-solving cryptics and nothing much going on. Since I had been yawning and literally nodding off during the program, I decided to do the sane thing and go back to the room even though it was only 10:45. After surfing the net and doing E-mail it was around midnight and I was tempted to go back (I wanted to play Texas Jeopardy and Maelstrom's game), but decided to go to sleep.

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