Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My first meme (had to look up what that means)

Act your age? No way! I'm in total denial about my age and shy away from being a grown-up. Except I am a grown-up in terms of independence and being a responsible person
Born on what day of the week? Too lazy to look it up
Chore you hate? All of them!
Dad’s name? Charles
Essential makeup item? Foundation
Favorite actor? I had a huge crush on "Sergeant Foley" (Bruce Solomon) on Mary Hartman. During the famous hospital bed scene, I was literally clawing at the TV. He later was in Foul Play and had his own short-lived series Lannigan's Rabbi but it just wasn't the same.
Gold or silver? Silver. I have some silver necklaces I actually got from QVC; some of them have tarnished to black, though.
Hometown? Great Neck, NY
Instruments you play? Piano, fairly well. Flute, badly. Baton's not really an instrument
Job title? Freelance proofreader and editor, which (as they say in the tournament final commentary) is a euphemism for UNEMPLOYED
Kids? Nope. I can barely manage my own life. It might have been nice to pass on my genes, but it never happened. My nephews are cute
Living arrangements? See 7/1 entry
Mom’s name? Barbara, same as Wrybosh's mother (this fact once came out during a game)
Need? Everything, and nothing (see 6/17 entry)
Overnight hospital stays? Don't think so
Phobia? Animals, fire (candles scare me)
Quote you like? "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy")
Religious affiliation? Jewish
Time you wake up? Completely random these days; never was a morning person
Unique talent? Crosswords, but not in this crowd. Remembering little things about people. Typing really, really fast (I think I won the NPL typing contest)
Vegetable you refuse to eat? Lima beans, asparagus. I like most vegetables ("En food")
Web timewaster of choice? http://www.worldwinner.com (you have been warned!), http://www.mindfun.com/chat/cv/index.html
X-rays you’ve had? Teeth, the finger that broke in childhood and was later strained while bowling, mammograms
Yummy food you make? Spinach ricotta pie without the crust
Zodiac sign? Aries

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