Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

"Little Miss Sunshine" and missing cards

I got a Film Fanatic membership to IFP June 3, mainly because it also includes membership in the Museum of the Moving Image. IFP has screenings (or access to other people's screenings), too, and they were offering "Little Miss Sunshine" last night. I wanted to see this at Sundance, but wasn't able to, since the showing immediately preceded our premiere and we had to wait on line at our own theater.

The membership card was supposed to come in a week, and I E-mailed a few weeks ago saying I hadn't gotten it. This was not a big issue since I hadn't planned to go to anything, but it still had not arrived when I RSVP'd for "Little Miss Sunshine" and the RSVP said you needed to show the card. I E-mailed again last week. No card. I called yesterday (and got voice mail). No callback.

So after doing the NYT work, I went to the screening anyway. It was at 1350 Sixth Ave. at 55th (1st floor), which I assumed to be the Time-Warner screening room I'd been to many times (I've probably been to all the Manhattan screening rooms, after years of belonging to Audience Extras). I walked over there and Time-Warner was actually 1325 Sixth on 53rd (much closer to 7th Ave.) and the door was locked. I hadn't written down the address, but luckily remembered it and continued walking over to Sixth. Ah, it's the MGM screening room; I'd been there for "The Hidden" and Games was in that building long ago.

Someone leaving the building recognized me from the movie ("Thank you!"). People were milling around in the screening room lobby and someone eventually came to check everyone in. I gave my name and the woman couldn't find it. She waved me in anyway, as there was a long line in back of me. I don't know if they managed to not send me my card, not call me back, AND not put me on the list even though I had a confirmed reservation. My name might have been there and she didn't hear me right, or the names were out of order.

I sat down in the middle on the left and the room rapidly filled up. It got so full they brought out folding chairs to put along the sides. I tried to be inconspicuous, thinking the woman would find me and eject me from the overflowing room (they were threatening to eject people for eating, drinking and not turning off cell phones). But I managed to keep my seat.

The movie started and it was TOO LOUD. Not running from the room screaming loud, but loud enough for me to be aware the entire time that it was TOO LOUD. Man, I can't stand that. The story was cute, with many good moments (especially involving Alan Arkin, and the scenes at the kiddie beauty pageant). I wasn't clear why the entire family needed to make the road trip (other than to further the plot) or why Steve Carrell's character lost everything and had no resources and had to stay with this family (other than to further the plot). It was still cute. I would give it a B+ but because of the TOO LOUD sound, I'm lowering it an entire grade to C+.

There was a Q&A afterward with the producers, and I stayed. I would have stayed anyway, but having been on the other side so much recently, I wasn't about to be one of those uncaring people who left even though there was a Q&A. It was informative. Someone asked about Sundance, and they told of their crazy Friday night negotiations in sales agent John Sloss's condo where the heat went out and people bundled up in coats, and their $10 million deal was finally reached at 8 a.m. I was familiar with this, since John Sloss went from there to our 11 a.m. premiere Saturday and told us the news while we waited in the conference room. Way to go, John.

Afterward, I thought of saying hello (it's possible they had seen "Wordplay" and we were probably all at the same Cinetic party at Sundance), but felt shy and walked up to the front and then directly left and out the door. I lingered in the lobby looking for my Metrocard, couldn't find it, and just left. I walked to Associated and picked up some food, rustled through my bag again and found the card in an Enigma, and took a cab home anyway.

I signed up for IFP new member orientation Friday, not really for orientation (that seems more for filmmaker members), but mainly so they can give me the darn card in person. I hope.

Now I have a TON of work to do.

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