Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Friday redux

Saturday was sort of a repeat of Friday. I sent out more at-homes, and then went to IFC, where they were nice enough to wave me in to the 5:45 showing of "Gabrielle." The theater was more crowded than our opening weekend. I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me, but... not my kind of movie. Maybe I can't appreciate slow-moving French films. I did envy the characters who had servants waiting on them literally hand and foot, though the rest of their lives weren't enviable.

Next, I needed an ATM since I had almost no cash and didn't want to be stuck in case I took a cab later. I walked up to 14th and couldn't find a branch of my bank, so finally used an ATM (not sure if it had a service charge) in a Duane Reade on 14th and 7th Ave. I also needed Neutrogena but the line was too long at the cashier. Of course, I then found an actual branch of my bank a half block down, as well as another Duane Reade with no line but by then I didn't want to risk being late.

I made a quick stop at Ray's at 11th and Sixth for a slice of pizza. This is THE Ray's in the Village as opposed to all those other Ray's. It was good, but I remembered it being more massively cheesy years ago. Back to IFC and the ladies' room to wash the grease off my hands, and there was still plenty of time. I ducked into the movie and watched the finals segment again.

Again there was a healthy crowd for the Q&A. The manager let it go long, so I had no time to go down and sign books before doing the intro to the next showing. After the intro, a few people were waiting outside with books, but I don't know if others just left. I then left myself.

Again took the bus uptown, again got off at 61st. I noticed the last "Wordplay" showing at Lincoln Plaza had just started. If it were earlier I might have stood outside giving out buttons (I had some in my tote bag), but I just walked past. I considered again seeing another movie, but reminded myself I had already seen a movie that day, and had at least 70 unwatched movies on VCR tapes at home not to mention 3 Netflix disks I'd had forever, so walked on by.

My shoes weren't made for walking so I got on the 104 at 72nd and took that the rest of the way. I stopped at Gristede's for groceries and then home.

It would be nice to make a dent in all there is to do today. So far I cleared some clutter off the bed, including sweaters piled up since it was cold enough to wear sweaters, and a large stack of unread Enigmas.

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