Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Oops, not done yet

I thought Q&As were over with (we hadn't done any since 7/4), but IFC asked me to come again this weekend after the 7 pm shows. With "Gabrielle" now in the main theater, "Wordplay" is just in theater 2, meaning there are more people per showing so there was a decent crowd.

Jon wasn't there, and he had the answers for the quiz we usually use for the book giveaway at the end of the evening (guess one of the top 10 most frequent crossword answers). So we thought of an alternate question - who won this year? Except that got asked in the regular questioning.

I had another question to try - of me, Al, Will and Jon, who is the youngest? People guessed wrong 3 times, and then... oops! There was only one answer left, and how do I choose who to call on? So much for my game designing skills. So we went back to having them guess the #1 most frequent crossword answer (which I did remember) and giving hints to speed it up. Someone finally got it. I'm still embarrassed thinking of the moment after the third wrong person was guessed, and realizing that wasn't going to work. If we use the age thing again, it'll have to be a "Fastest Finger" type question where the people have to be put in exact order. If they guess wrong 23 times, then I'll be in trouble.

There was a healthy crowd assembling for the next show, so we decided to do an intro. I didn't want to stick around another 1.5 hours for another Q&A. It's probably more impactful seeing the people in the movie AFTER the movie, but this went OK. I told them they totally didn't know me now, but they would shortly, and that even if they weren't into crosswords it was a really good movie (though I'm a little prejudiced).

Tomorrow I might get there early and see "Gabrielle" and then eat. We've been offered comps in the cafe all along, but I haven't eaten or drunk a thing. Not really my kind of menu, but maybe the chicken in cranberries will do. I assume I should still tip.

Afterward, I took the bus up, got off at 61st, and figured I'd walk up a bit before transferring buses. I walked right past Lincoln Plaza where "Wordplay" is showing but didn't linger or even look at people milling around outside. When I reached Lincoln Square at 9:45, I saw "Devil Wears Prada" was starting at 10:15 so decided to see it. It's been ages since I paid full price for a movie; I always used Entertainment Book coupons or went through Audience Extras.

The ticket did not seem to indicate the theater, but I assumed it was upstairs. The guy taking the tickets said to go to the right, so I went all the way back and to the right, but neither theater was correct. I was on my way back to ask, when I saw it was the big theater IMMEDIATELY to the right of the entrance, the same place we had the Tribeca premiere. I had also seen "Cobb" and a revival of "The Wild Bunch" there.

All the auditoriums have names and this one was "Loews" so I was confused thinking that was the name of the entire theater. I usually sit on the aisle of the left section to insure good sight lines. Here, there were a few single seats stuck by themselves with nothing around them, so I took one in the usual place (there was another one to the right of the aisle, but I wasn't sure how that would be if someone tall sat in front). A woman went past and said I was great in the movie. Then a guy came over and said he was that woman's friend and they saw it about a week ago. I gave them my button.

There were trailers for "Running with Scissors" (liked the book), "World Trade Center" (no thanks, don't need to see that), "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" (weird) and 2 others I forgot. "Prada" was absorbing enough, but I was distracted by the differences from the book, especially at the end. They added a whole new layer of office politics, and threw in another wrench about her personal life. The clothes and bitchiness were good, but I was left feeling unsatisfied. Typical Hollywood stuff. 6 out of 10, and that's being generous.

Oh, and the Q&A's are STILL not done. I was asked to go to Port Jefferson, LI in October for a showing as part of a documentary series. By then, it'll be between the theatrical run and DVD release. The person who called turned out to have gone to Great Neck North 3 years ahead of me, and I knew the names of people who lived on her street.

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