Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Those wacky celebs, marriage edition

Christie Brinkley is splitting from husband number 4. When this happens, you have to wonder. The one thing in common in all these situations is... Christie Brinkley. She seems like a nice person, but who knows. And what kind of name is Sailor for a kid?

It's like the guy at my former company who was entering into his third marriage (this was a source of interest because outgoing wife #2 and incoming wife #3 worked in the same section of our company). His friend asked what was the story, and he said, "Well, you know, you're young, you make mistakes." The friend replied, "But how many mistakes can you make?!" I don't know how this ended, but I hope with more stability than Christie Brinkley.

Then I'm reading about Chad Michael Murray getting engaged to a teenage extra on "One Tree Hill" after splitting from his co-star Sophia Bush after 5 months of a marriage plagued by rumors of infidelity. Does this girl think Murray is going to change now that he's with her?

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