Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Chain Reaction

Thanks to a puzzler who is working for GSN's new "Chain Reaction," jeffurrynpl and I saw a taping of the show (3 shows, actually) today. I never watched the old version, but this seemed pretty good. You link words in chains based on letters given as clues. I recognized the end game (alternating players making a sentence cluing a word for the other contestant) from endless playings of it at cons, but these contestants never got the hang of it. One team of Jersey girls was impressive during the regular rounds (we kept saying, "Gee, they're good!" as they guessed words before we could).

We were seated with friends and family of the contestants, who were all excited about their nephews/brothers, etc. being on TV. We tried to cheer for whoever's relative was on. For the last show, our whole row was moved since the contestant is not allowed to face his family.

The studio brought back memories, as it was the same place qaqaq taped his Millionaire. This was in the very early days, when it was just a 2-week summer series, before they used the ABC studios. It was also well before I had any connection with the show; in fact, cazique and I voted wrong on Trip's "ask the audience" question (hey, we were swayed into believing it was Atari instead of the correct Legos).

Since it's my old company, I recognized the executive producer (who was also Trip's producer) and the warm-up comic Q. I don't know when this show airs, so I'll have to TiVo and see if we can be spotted. Jeffurry has a way of getting his face in front of any available camera, so it's possible.

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