Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Does anybody really know what day it is?

I'm on such a wacky schedule and taking so many random naps that I literally had to turn on my computer just now to confirm what day it is (oh good, I didn't miss Saturday). I listened to all-news radio for a few minutes, but they only gave the time, not the day.

On Thursday, I once again emerged from the subway where Triplets used to be, and again met that famous "Jeopardy!" champion. Jeffurry was there, too. It went well, and we had some laughs which is a good thing since "comedy" is involved. Sorry to be so vague, but I signed stuff.

This week was fairly productive, but I still need to work on the Sterling book and cross sums. Coming up: being a project editor on some reprints for Random House, which should be fun.

I think all the gunk that's going to come out of my ear has come out, so hopefully that's back to normal.

I've been asked to be on a Haystack team. I avoided this event in the past as I am not capable of physical exertion (no "Amazing Race" for me!), so I hope I can handle it.

TiVo is almost totally full, and new shows scroll off almost immediately. The problem is the backlog of episodes of my former TV show, going back to April (all marked "keep until I erase"). I insist on watching to see how things played out. For obvious reasons, I haven't been in the mood lately but am compulsive enough to want to complete it rather than just erasing them all unwatched. When new shows air in the fall, I'll undoubtedly be looking eagle-eyed for errors. Or maybe I shouldn't care anymore.

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