Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

OK, which one of us was the dork?

Our naysayer continues to naysay. This week I sort of agree with him. Even though we expanded to more theaters, the per-screen total isn't as high as I'd like. We really are a "little movie." But it's "the little movie that could" and word of mouth in blogland is pretty great. The problem is getting people in the door of a "crossword movie" even though it has infinitely better reviews (96% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, baby!) than "Nacho Libre" (35%), "Pirates" (53%) or the like.

I can't really talk because "Inconvenient Truth" sounds like a snoozer to me, and it too has gotten great reviews and my sister's family liked it. I dunno, seems too educational. I'd MUCH rather see "The Devil Wears Prada"; I even liked the book.

I finished 1.5 of the 4 jobs I need to do this week. Make that 5, since the NYT recurs every week. I should have 2 done by the morning.

This morning I stayed up for the arrival of the plumber. My neighbor and I arranged to have our bathroom sinks unclogged at the same time (we share a common drain). It turned out he took apart her sink and cleaned it out and didn't really need to do mine. He came by anyway just to make sure it was OK. It was the same guy who had unclogged the tub a month ago.

After he left, I mailed out some at-homes and did grocery shopping. Then I napped. Boy, life is exciting! I forgot to mention that last Monday I went to Associated 57th St. on the way home and did get some satisfactory prepared food (as opposed to the Food Emporium's eggplant rollatini from Hell) - stuffed chicken, stuffed cabbage (small), veggie lasagna (small), spinach rolls, and hummus wrap. They were gone way too quickly. I still have bluefish frozen from Fresh Direct, and ingredients for 2 cauliflower, carrot, penne and cheese casseroles.

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