Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Catching up

I need to get back to my normal life of working, reading, eating, but mostly working. And a little "Wordplay" Googling for breaks. I have 2 jobs due 7/12, which seemed far away but it's this WEDNESDAY! Oops. Onward. I'll quickly blog the remaining things that have happened.

When I got back from Miami, I found out Jon was doing more Q&A's at IFC over the weekend. I wasn't sure I should join him (though why not?) and left messages and E-mails. No one responded on Sunday (and Jon said I didn't miss anything), but they E-mailed back Monday and said to come down Monday and Tuesday nights.

So I put on my "new" dress from the Lina collection (you always can tell when I've been in Miami since I suddenly have new clothes), a horizontally striped loose "schmatah" sundress. I can see living in this and the similar black sundress I took. The audiences who stuck around weren't huge (20-30 people) but were appreciative. There were a few Brits in attendance, and we spoke to the aforementioned Ellie from the Guardian. Another man said he has written Will, but his letters were not among those read in the movie.

My cousin B had her baby (Stella!) 3 weeks ago, and I hadn't yet seen her. My sister and nephew happened to be here at the time, and they visited in the hospital. B is still exhausted and doesn't want long visits, so I arranged to come by before Tuesday's "Wordplay" Q&A's. They live near Union Square so it would be a short walk to IFC. Mother and baby are doing fine, daddy is happy, and little Stella is so tiny. They renovated part of the music studio into a lovely nursery that can transition into a grownup room later.

Walking to IFC, I was recognized by people who had just seen the movie. I haven't been out much since the movie opened, so this doesn't happen often. Back to IFC and the familiar cafe. We went up the back stairs for the first Q&A, so missed confronting the people leaving to make them feel guilty. It went OK. However, for the next showing, in the big theater, everyone STREAMED out (going to the fireworks?), leaving 2 diehard credit watchers and one other person. Humph (the manager HAD announced beforehand that we were there). So we stood in front of the stalwarts and chatted up close. Jon gave them a "Wordplay" book as reward for staying.

The manager said there weren't many people in the next showing, so we could leave if we wanted. Jon had a friend in the audience, so decided to stay, but I went home. It was getting late, and I preferred not be out on the 4th with things exploding all around. Sure enough, when I got home, I constantly heard things banging and popping outside and was glad to be in. Jon later said I hadn't missed anything and we went out with a whimper, not a bang.

Meanwhile, word of mouth continues. I've heard from various relatives (all New York cousins have now seen the movie) and friends (including my friend from nursery school who lives in LA, and our childhood neighbor who took advantage of the invite to the Chicago ABA showing), all of whom loved it. Tonight, my brother-in-law's aunt called to gush how she and his sister (total non-puzzlers) really liked it. Lots of kvelling to offset those online naysayers.

I finished "The Right Address" (wicked, catty fun) and need to start my First Look book since the review is probably due soon. It just better not be the 12th.

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