Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Those wacky reviewers

Besides the time-honored "What's a ___-letter word for ___?" comes another cliche in "Wordplay" reviews: "If they can do a documentary on crosswords, what about ___?"

What's next - a documentary about Sudoku?
Myself, I'm waiting for a doc about Sudoku fanatics to complete the geeky gaming circle.
Maybe the next documentary could be about Sudoku, I hope not but you never know.
Is there a genre forming here? Can a vérité piece on Boggle contestants be far behind?
Personally, I prefer Boggle. I would totally go see the Boggle movie.
Now, can a documentary about Yahtzee fanatics be far behind?

(sources omitted; Google if you really want to know)

I've also noticed a vast range of running times in the reviews - not only the Sundance cut or the final cut lengths, but others, including a Buffalo review that complained the movie was too long at 125 (!) minutes.

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