Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

1969 Diary

With all the moon anniversary talk, I remembered I kept a diary during that crucial summer of 1969, before I went off to college. Pack rat that I am, I found the two red books with "Sony Diary" printed on the cover (freebies from my grandfather's appliance store)... and it begins July 26, 1969! Oops, just missed capturing history!

It might be fun to transcribe these handwritten documents and post some musings of '60s teenage nerdly angst, but I'm not promising anything. Not that I'm scared it'll be too scintillating - more likely it's too boring. (Leafing through) Like who really cares what I ate for every single meal and snack. Or that I went next door and hung out with Erica.

Reading the diary will probably make me really happy I'm a grownup.
Tags: 1969

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